About The Bank

Premiere offshore investment banking institution owned and managed by Malaysian

  • Al-Hidayah Investment Bank (the “Bank”) is the first offshore Islamic investment bank in Malaysia, licensed by the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (“LOFSA”) and made its debut in the offshore industry on 17th June 2002.
  • The bank is located in Wisma Lazenda, Labuan. It has a marketing office in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian federal Capital.
  • Our scope of services will be focused in 4 main areas, namely Corporate Finance, Islamic Fund Management, Waqf Asset Management, and Foreign Exchange transactions.


Labuan as an Offshore Financial Centre

Presently attracting additional Islamic banking ventures

  • It is a duty-free island lying off the western coast of Borneo, between Sabah & Sarawak and north of Brunei.
  • Ever since 1990, Labuan has been increasing in diversity of its offshore activities. The latest information demonstrates that Labuan is a base of operations for;


        - the LFX (Labuan International Financial Exchange)
        - LOFSA (Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority)
        - More than 56 banks (of which 45 are foreign-owned)
        - Almost 2,500 IBC’s (International Based Corporations)
        - An international Islamic money market
        - An e-commerce gateway for e-commerce enterprises
        - Labuan Offshore Banking deposits size is USD3.4 billion
        - Labuan Offshore Banking loan size is USD9.3 billion