Investment Opportunities In Malaysia


We invite both local and overseas investors to participate in the following exciting developments on behalf of our clients.

These opportunities are in the property sector.  According to a survey conducted by C H Williams Talhar & Wong a well known valuer as reported in the News Straits Times on 11th Dec, the property market especially the landed residential sector has shown strong signs of recovery spurred by the a positive and outlook on the economic and employment/income scene.  More than two thirds of the respondents said they expect the prices of the residential sub sector to improve.


Tropical Fully Integrated Urban Living in Johor, Malaysia

The proposed project located in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia is only 30 minutes drive from Singapore. The development involves a fully integrated mixed development of residential properties, shop houses, commercial buildings, including a hotel based on the concept of a tropical town center.  It will be implemented into 4 phases commencing in 2004 and fully completed by 2013. The total land area is about 154.6 hectares (382 acres).  The surrounding area comprised residential as well as industrial developments are well connected by three separate highways.

Based on the present development plan the project will generate a gross development value of RM5.3 billion compared to development expenditure of about RM3.2 billion, thus giving a pretax profit of RM2.2billion excluding the land costs and obligations related to acquisition of the land.


High Rise Residential and Commercial Development in Kuala Lumpur

The proposed project is located in the famous Ambassador row, along Jalan Ampang covering two separate neigbouring lands totaling 4.0 hectares (9.875 acres). The development comprises mixed development of service and residential apartments, office and commercial buildings and towers, and is expected completed over a period of 5 years. Projected proceeds from the development are RM736 million as against development costs of expenditure of RM562 million including estimated land costs giving a gross profit before tax of RM173 million.


Self Contained Residential Development in Selangor, Malaysia

The proposed development is located in the well developed Bukit Raja Industrial area within 20 minutes drive to Port Klang, Malaysia’s busiest port.  The proposed self contained township caters for the housing needs of the poor and middle income group and a large portion of the land will be catered to roads and parking facilities.  The total land area is 283.3 hectares (700 acres).  The project is expected to generate a gross development value of RM1.3billion and gross development cost of RM1.1billion thereby generating pre tax profit of RM200 million.


Integrated Industrial Development Park in Malacca

The proposed development known as Vendor City is in Malacca which is a 1 ½ hours drive form Kuala Lumpur.  The development will involve the development for light and heavy industries, commercial precincts for small and medium industries, development precincts for education and training and inland container deport.  The planned industrial plots will be focusing on high technology industries such as turbo machinery repairs & maintenance, biotechnology related production, and machine (including tools and component) manufacturing.  Todate we have completed 35% of the overall development is expected to cost RM700 million.


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