The demand for Islamic financial products and services are growing by billions of dollars every year, however, the supply of easily accessible products and expert advice needed to cater to the needs of Muslim investors remain low.

  • Malaysia has always been in the forefront of Islamic banking and finance in the South East Asia region.  Labuan has been intensively promoted as an Islamic Offshore conduit in this region.
  • Labuan offers major tax incentives, including no capital gains taxes, no contract note duties or exit levies and a minimal corporate tax of RM20,000 (US$5,263) or 3% of taxable income, whichever is lower.
  • We are in the position to launch innovative Islamic financial products with efficient execution and pricing, in a favourable tax rate, flexible and private environment to cater your financial needs.

Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Advisory Services-Project financing, asset securitisation and privatisation
  • Venture Capital Funding
  • Sourcing of investors and fund raising exercise


Islamic Fund Management

  • Portfolio management in the Shari’ah compliant markets
  • Asset management services


Waqf Asset Management

  • Waqf properties and assets services
  • Trustee management


Foreign Exchange Transactions

  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Currency Swap