Corporate Vision

To become a leader in Islamic investment banking with significant national and international presence that operates based on Islamic principles.


Corporate Philosophy

Is guided by the virtues of Islamic principles and we are mindful of the following :-

  • To serve as servant to Allah s.w.t.
  • To serve the nation.
  • To strive for the betterment of one’s life.
  • To be fair and never despair people.
  • To be cooperative and harmonious.
  • To be court and humble.
  • To be adaptable and consultative.
  • To show gratitude and be grateful.

The Bank is committed towards the application of Shari’ah principles in its investment banking activities, under the guidance of an establlished in-house Shari’ah Council. We aim to offer efficient Shari’ah based investments that are built on principles of ethical values and equitable distribution of risk and reward